Jumpin’ Minnow/Photo New England Boating/Tom Richardson.

Jumpin’ Minnow/Photo New England Boating/Tom Richardson.

If you live for the thrill of fish attacking a topwater plug, you’ll want to have the Jumpin’ Minnow in your tackle box. This oldie-but-goodie—made by Rebel Lures and originally intended for freshwater species—is a killer on striped bass and bluefish in the Northeast. When fished correctly, it exhibits a slow, side-to-side swimming action that stripers find irresistible.

The 3 1/2’” lure comes in many colors and patterns, but I prefer the “bone” version (basically an unpainted lure), especially early in the season when squid are common inshore.

The Jumpin’ Minnow is best fished on relatively light gear—8- to 12-pound test is ideal—and the factory-rigged treble hooks should be replaced with stronger saltwater hooks of the same size. I usually fish this lure on a wind-on leader system and a 20- to- 30-pound-test fluorocarbon leader. I tie the lure to the leader with a non-slip loop knot, which gives it more freedom of movement.

To learn more about the Jumpin’ Minnow go to Rebel Lures.

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