The Storm Wildeye Swim Shad in pearl is a great early season lure for stripers.

The Storm Wildeye Swim Shad in pearl is a great early-season lure for stripers.

The Storm Wildeye Swim Shad is another great inshore lure for spring fishing in New England. Top colors include pearl, bunker and chartreuse, and the best sizes are the 5” and 6” versions. The lure’s effectiveness is boosted by its realistic profile and swimming action, thanks to its soft-plastic paddletail. Plus its big eyes and black spot behind the gills provide an easy target for stripers. It also comes pre-rigged with a strong, sharp saltwater hook.

This lure is a go-to choice of many anglers when schools of “fresh” stripers are moving through the bays and sounds in May and early June, feeding on squid and herring. It’s particularly useful when a surface-feeding school of bass suddenly sounds, as it gets down quickly to where the fish and bait are holding, keeping you in the game while others wait for the fish to surface again. It’s a good reason to keep one rod rigged with a shad and another with a topwater plug, shallow swimmer or soft-plastic bait. The Swim Shad can be cast out and retrieved slowly, but also works well when jigged vertically through the water column or just above the bottom.

The lure also takes fish in coastal rivers when migrating herring are making their way upstream or dropping back to the ocean after spawning. In this case, retrieve the lure slowly past rocks and pilings, through deep holes and along channel edges for the best results.

For more information go to the Storm Lures website here.


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