Photos courtesy Surfland Bait and Tackle, Plum Island, MA.

Photos courtesy Surfland Bait and Tackle, Plum Island, MA.

Surfland Bait & Tackle of Plum Island, Massachusetts, reported on a truly strange and remarkable catch made on August 11, 2013.

False albacore (aka, little tunny) were being caught by surfcasters near the mouth of the Merrimack River. It is virtually unheard of for these tropical species be seen north of Cape Cod. Whether their presence was due to an usual offshoot from the Gulf Stream or some other cause is anyone’s guess, but apparently it was a short-lived affair.

Here’s the report published on Surfland’s website:

albie-2_Surfland-0813“This weekend I got a few reports of busting False Albacore off the beach and jetties. Now usually I figure these are just Bluefish being mistaken for Albies, cause I’ve never seen one caught around here in my 12 years on the island. But lo and behold, the photographs came in with the reports. Amazing.

“From Carson Paul: “Hi Martha, we had talked briefly earlier this afternoon on the phone about some odd catches. Sorry it took so long, just got home and unpacked my gear. There were alot of albies eating this afternoon (August 11), which sounds crazy, but I kid you not… Here is one from the surf! I had a blast probably landed around 5 or 6 alone! everyone was bent up on the jetties this evening on falsies!”

For more information go to the Surfland Bait & Tackle website by CLICKING HERE.


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