Fluke like structure: Kyle Grant with a 23” fluke he caught under the Newport Bridge using a squid rig tipped with squid, fluke belly and a freshwater minnow.

It’s amazing how many people think that catching fluke is as simple as dropping a squid strip to the bottom and waiting for a fish to climb aboard. Nothing could be further from the truth, as any flounder pro worth his salt will attest.

Here are 10 rules to follow when it comes to catching more and bigger fluke.

  1. The author with the 24” fluke he caught while power-drifting at Austin Hollow off Jamestown, Rhode Island. Photo courtesy Capt. Dave Monti

    Go with the flow:
    Whenever possible, fish when the wind and tide are flowing in the same direction.

  2. Face it:
    Fluke face into the current to feed, so always present your bait from the upcurrent side.
  3. Fish the edge:
    The largest fluke often hold along channel edges and drop-offs.
  4. Match the hatch:
    Fluke eat squid, bluefish, sea bass, silversides, mummies and more. Try to match the prevailing forage.
  5. Super teasers:
    Jigs rigged with teasers 36” long and placed a foot above the jig work well.
  6. Mark the spot:
    Once you find the fish, repeat the pattern. Note the location and depth, and drift over the same spot.
  7. No slack:
    Try power-drifting (bumping the boat in and out of gear) at slack tide to put your baits in front of the fish. Don’t just sit there!
  8. Now what?
    When wind and tide are opposing, try to drift perpendicular to the spot you want to fish. At least you will get your bait in front of some fish, some of the time.
  9. Think big:
    Capt. Monti’s fluke cocktail—a rubber squid rig tipped with natural squid, fluke belly and minnow—can help you catch a trophy.
  10. Hard times:
    The biggest fluke can be found on the outskirts of structure, such as wrecks, ledges and boulder-strewn bottom.

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