Artic Char, Photo U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Dolly Varden.

Artic Char, Photo U.S. Fish and Wildlife, Dolly Varden.

Maine Fish & Wildlife Insider: A little over a year ago, fisheries biologists set out to perform the largest reclamation project MDIFW attempted in recent history. Big Wadleigh Pond, located in T8 R15 WELS, is a 157-acre pond in which rainbow smelts were illegally introduced, devastating the native arctic char. The extirpation of the char was in the foreseeable future if swift action was not taken. For an overview of the reclamation of Wadleigh Pond, refer to the previous post Reclaiming Wadleigh Pond.

Since the reclamation, fisheries biologists have been monitoring toxicity levels in Wadleigh Pond. This past October, the pond was ready for the prodigal progeny of the original char and brook trout taken from Wadleigh to return. MDIFW fisheries biologists and Gary Picard of Mountain Springs Trout Farm in Frenchville, ME stocked approximately 650 char fingerlings, 3,500 brook trout fingerlings, and 2 adult char back into Big Wadleigh. Mountain Springs Trout Farm kept some of the mature brook trout and char to provide more offspring to be stocked at a later date. So far Wadleigh Pond restoration is right on schedule.

Read more about the stocking of Big Wadleigh Pond with native char.


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