The following is a breakdown of the citations issued for the period of: 5/01/2013 to 5/30/2013

*Individuals receiving citations have been civilly charged with violations under the jurisdiction of the Rhode Island Traffic Tribunal.

Violation Citations Issued
State Property Violations (Curfew, alcohol, littering, etc.) 9
Boating Violations 6
ATV Violations 6
Marijuana 9
Freshwater Fishing Violations 3
Salt Water Fishing Violation 9
Motor Vehicle Violations 5
CRMC Beach Violations 1
Total  48

Arrest: Exceeding Daily Limit of Tautog.

Arrest: Possession of Undersized Shellfish

Arrest: Violation of Gill Net Regulations

Arrest: Striped Bass Size/Possession Limit—1st Offense

Arrest: Non-Resident Digging for Shellfish without a License

Arrest: Digging for Shellfish in a Closed Area

Arrest: Striped Bass Size/Possession Limit—1st Offense

Arrest: Taking/Selling Shellfish in Polluted Area—1st Offense

Arrest: Striped Bass Size/Possession Limit—1st Offense

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