Line spooling with the Cyclone Pro.

How old is your fishing line? If you haven’t respooled your reels since the beginning of the season, or worse, the end of last season, you’re due for a change. We’re primarily talking about nylon monofilament, which is more vulnerable to exposure to sunlight, salt and chemicals, although braided line should not be left on your reels indefinitely either.

The Triangle Sport MD100

Berkley Line Spooling Station

If you use spinning gear, you’ll more than likely develop twists in your line that can lead to headaches later in the season. And you don’t want to be cutting off tangles and re-rigging during a major fall blitz just because you neglected to change your line midseason.

I recommend changing your line at least twice a season, more if you do a lot of fishing or after several bouts with big fish, which can stretch and weaken the line. To make this chore faster and easier, consider the purchase of an electric line-spooling station, like the ones made by Triangle Manufacturing. The portable Cyclone winder ($275) will handle most sizes of spinning reels and smaller baitcasting reels, while the larger pro-grade Osprey ($800) and HD140 ($2,000) will handle large reels up to big-game 130s.


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