Line Spooling

Line Spooling

If you haven’t removed the old fishing line from your reels, it’s time to do so. Fishing line retains salt, which can corrode your reel spool, so take it off, wash the spool in fresh water and coat it with some WD40. And don’t even think of reusing the old line next season, especially if it’s nylon monofilament, which deteriorates during storage.

You can remove the old line by hand, but it’s much easier and faster to use a winding/stripping machine, like the kind made by Berkley and Triangle.

The portable Cyclone winder ($275) will handle most sizes of spinning reels and smaller baitcasting reels, while the larger pro-grade Osprey ($800) and HD140 ($2,000) will handle large reels up to big-game 130s. For info on the Cyclone line-winding station and other products from Triangle Manufacturing, contact: (201) 825-1212. Naturally, you can also use these devices to spool your reels with fresh line at the beginning of the season.

Berkley also makes an inexpensive line stripper that retails for $15. Go to the Berkley website at Classics Line-Striper.


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