Fun, Portable Sailing Cat

The Aere 3.7 is super stable and a breeze to assemble and sail.

The Aere 3.7 Inflatable Catamaran is a portable sailboat that is safe, stable and easy to rig, sail, transport and maintain.

The 3.7 features rugged pontoons made of heavy-duty fabric (the same material used to make ship fenders) with 2 chambers per side and multiple pressure-relief valves. The pontoons offer 1,250 pounds of buoyancy. The rig comprises a square-top sail with 46 square feet of sail area and 4 battens, a 4-section aluminum mast, and an adjustable wishbone boom. All metal parts are made to withstand exposure to saltwater, and include anodized marine-grade aluminum tubing, stainless fasteners, and either AIMag or powder-coated aluminum castings. The 3.7 can be assembled in less than an hour, while disassembly takes around 20 minutes.

The Aere 3.7 comes with the following accessories:

  • storage/carrying bag set
  • 12V high-pressure pump w/ rechargeable battery
  • High-pressure foot pump w/adapter
  • Trampoline end guard
  • Trampoline splash guard
  • Trampoline storage basket/bag
  • Safety and righting lines
  • Double-sided Velcro tie strap
  • Boeshield lubricant
  • Illustrated owner’s manual


  • Length: 12’
  • Beam: 5’ 6”
  • Weight: $130 lbs.
  • Price: $5,500

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AERE’ 3.7 Inflatable Catamaran Sailing In Extremely Light Air.

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