Fusion Bluetooth Modules Provide Audio Flexibility

Fusion Electronics has introduced 2 add-on modules for streaming audio via Bluetooth to its MS-BT200 and MS-BT100 marine-grade stereos. The new BT200 allows streaming of audio files and metadata for on-screen track display with play, skip, and stop stereo control, while the BT100 module simply streams audio requiring a mobile device for control.

With the addition of these solutions, Fusion’s award-winning stereo line can interface with many A2DP Bluetooth-capable devices, allowing boaters more flexibility.

The Bluetooth modules connect directly to the rear of Fusion stereos via existing ports. For boaters with Sirius radio subscriptions, the BT100 plugs into the stereo’s auxiliary port and music selection is controlled using the paired mobile device. For customers without a satellite radio subscription, the BT200 can be connected to the Sirius port on the back of the stereo. The BT200 provides full control from the stereo interface or Fusion-Link multi-function displays. Users also have the option of audio control on the paired mobile device.

The BT200 and BT100 modules provide full stereo audio over Bluetooth using the A2DP protocol and are compatible with Fusion MS-AV700, AV700i, IP700, IP700i and RA205 systems. The BT100 can also interface with Fusion 600 Series stereos, RA200 and RA50. Power is supplied to the BT100 using a flying lead and interfaces with a stereo’s auxiliary port. The BT200 connects with a stereo’s Sirius port and receives power through the interface cable. The BT200 is always discoverable, and can be easily installed using the mounting hole or a supplied adhesive patch. The BT200 and BT100 are rated to IP65 standard and protected by a one-year limited consumer warranty.

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