Grant to Support Atlantic Salmon Recovery Efforts

Atlantic Salmon. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.
Atlantic Salmon. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

NOAA has awarded $5.4 million in grants to states and tribes in all coastal regions to help in the recovery of endangered and threatened marine species. Among the species that will hopefully benefit from the funding is Atlantic salmon.

Today, the last remnant populations of Atlantic salmon in U.S. waters exist in just a few rivers and streams in central and eastern Maine. These populations constitute the Gulf of Maine Distinct Population Segment (DPS) of Atlantic salmon, which is listed as endangered under the ESA.

The new federal funding will support management, research, and outreach efforts designed to bring Atlantic salmon and other vulnerable species to a point where Endangered Species Act protections are no longer necessary. Funding may also support monitoring of species under consideration for protection or species recently removed from the list of threatened or endangered species.

The 2017 call for proposals is now open, with a special focus again on recovering NOAA’s Species in the Spotlight. 

Tribal applications for funding opportunity NOAA-NMFS-PRPO-2017-2004972 are due October 24. State applications for funding opportunity NOAA-NMFS-PRPO-2017-2004955 are due October 17.