Gray Seal Rebound Spurs Debate

Colony of Gray Seals, Photo/Wikimedia Commons
Colony of Gray Seals, Photo/Wikimedia Commons

Nantucket Inquirer & Mirror: You may have never been out on Muskeget in the winter to see the riot of seals covering the sand of that tiny island, their biggest rookery in the United States.

But maybe you are one of the almost 200,000 people who have seen the 15-second video of a seal snatching a bluefish right off an angler’s hook on the beach at Great Point.

You might have heard stories about the not-so-recent past, when a $5 bounty was put on their noses. If you are over 50 and grew up here, you may have collected a few bucks from that bounty yourself.

By anyone’s standard the gray seal, all but gone from local waters in the 1960s, and still rare as recently as the 1990s, is back. The question is what, if anything, ought to be done about it?

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