Groundfish Being “Wasted” By Underharvest, Say Fishermen

Fish Pier, New Bedford. Photo by ## Tom Croke##

Bangor Daily News: Tales of huge haddock hauls were a few of the fish stories that came with the boat Chris Brown bought last year from a Canadian. To Brown, they were stories of missed opportunity.

The previous owner told Brown that for years the vessel trolled the edge of an area closed to U.S. fishermen for conservation. Because no one told the fish the Canadians hadn’t signed on, the fish grew undisturbed in U.S. waters, then swam east into the nets of waiting Canadians.

“They were incredibly grateful for our conservation efforts,” Brown, of Point Judith, Rhode Island, said dryly.

Such circumstances are one cause of underfishing—a phenomenon that has struggling U.S. fishermen catching a fraction of what regulators say is a safe amount to take from rebounded stock, leaving millions in potential revenue in the water.

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