Group Sues State Over Former Stamford Boatyard Property

Stamford Boaters Fight to Save Boatyard

Terry Backer, the Long Island Soundkeeper and Executive Director of Soundkeeper, Inc., and Reed Super, principal of the public-interest environmental law firm Super Law Group, LLC, announced a pair of legal actions to protect Stamford Harbor from adverse environmental impacts and to preserve the historic water-dependent use of the Yacht Haven West site as a working boatyard/marina.

The lawsuit opposes the plan to create an office complex containing an 850,000-square-foot office building, a 3-story parking garage for 3,000 cars and a helipad and entertainment barge on the grounds of a former boatyard and marina.

In one action, Soundkeeper filed a 7-count complaint against the Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD).  The complaint alleges violations of the state Environmental Policy Act and Coastal Management Act, including DECD’s failures to: (i) analyze the environmental impacts of the proposal; (ii) evaluate alternative locations for Bridgewater Associates’ headquarters and mitigation measures to lessen impacts; (iii) evaluate inconsistencies with state policies and local zoning and land use plans that strongly favor retention of working waterfronts; and (iv) incorporate all reasonable measures to mitigate any adverse impacts on coastal resources and water- dependent activities.