Gulls Gotta Go Unleashes the Gulls Cat

Testing of the Gulls Cat proved that it's effective at scaring birds away from boats and docks.

One the new products making its debut at the 2012 New England Boat Show is a bird deterrent device called the Gulls Cat by Gulls Gotta Go. Created by Gulls Gotta Go founder and avid boater Bob Alves, the Gulls Cat resembles a lifelike, hissing cat in full-on attack mode. But what really sets the Gulls Cat apart from other faux-predator devices is its moving head and tail, which are activated by wind and wave action.

Gulls Cat inventor Bob Alves and his creation.

Alves got the idea for the Gulls Cat from an elderly marina owner he knew as a child. The man would feed the local feral cats, which in turn would scare away the gulls and other boat-fouling birds. Alves figured that a catlike decoy that mimicked the motion and look of the real thing would do a better job than some of the other devices currently on the market. After developing a prototype and testing it during the summer of 2011, he discovered that the Gulls Cat worked better than expected. In fact, many of his product testers didn’t want to part with their Cats!

The Gulls Cat features a durable, corrosion-proof plastic body and parts, plus convenient tether points for anchoring it to a boat or dock. Its hollow body also opens to accept a 1-liter water bottle filled with sand or liquid for ballast.

While the Gulls Cat will be ideal for boaters, it will also keep birds and other pests away from lawns, patios and gardens.


Although the Gulls Cat is not yet in production (first units are expected to be shipped in May), you can see it at the 2012 New England Boat Show in Boston at the Lanigan Marine Booth (Booth 422) through February 19.

We’ll keep you posted on when the Gulls Cat can be ordered.


  • Pre-Production Order: $50
  • Post-Production/Retail: $85

For more information:

Gulls Gotta Go Website

Gulls Gotta Go Facebook Page

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