Handy iPad/iPhone App Provides Valuable Boating Info

The Captain’s Toolbox is a new application for the iPad and iPhone that costs $4.99 and lets mariners access the following useful navigational information:

International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea (COLREGS)

This valuable publication has been digitized for easy access at sea or for study on land.

Navigation Lights & Shapes Identifier

Interactive, comprehensive database of navigational lights and shapes. Includes both the USCG twilight images and zero light graphic renderings from each perspective.

Current GPS Position

Provides current longitude and latitude when used with an iPhone.

Chart Symbol Identifier

Lets you identify every USCG chart symbol via a simple wheel selector. Spin the symbol wheel with your thumb and the meaning of the corresponding chart symbol is displayed in the window below.

Maritime Flag Identifier

Lets you identify every maritime flag symbol via a flag wheel (similar to the Chart Symbol wheel).

SOLAS Symbol Identifier

All SOLAS symbols, stickers and signs are listed, along with their meaning.

Marine VHF/SSB Channels & Procedures

Hailing procedures, phonetic alphabet, and a listing of channels and frequencies for VHF use worldwide. Includes frequencies for Marine SSB, Marine Distress R/T & DSC, HF Ship to Ship, Simplex HF, Yachtsmans Nets, HF Coastal Stations, MF & HF Global Coastguard Stations (MRCC) and Distress & Safety (SAR) communication.

Unit Converter

A handy tool for converting any unit of measurement (eg., gallons to liters, feet to meters, miles to nautical miles) that will come in handy for international trips.

Maritime & Yachting Terms

A dictionary of 1,383 nautical terms.

Clouds Identification

An image catalog of cloud formations, along with their meteorological definitions.

Morse Code Key

Search the Morse code tool by graphics or alphanumeric.

Wind Barbs

A quick reference to common wind charting systems.

Sound Signal Identification

Quick reference to all sound signals needed for maneuvering and passing situations, both on the high seas and inland waterways.

The Captain’s Toolbox can be downloaded via

Captain’s Toolbox App

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