Hobie Tandem Island is a Kayak, Sailboat

The Tandem Island can be sailed, paddled or pedaled via the twin MirageDrives.

Hobie’s new Mirage Tandem Island is a combination kayak and trimaran that offers superior stability and versatility. The Tandem Island features a central, open seating area (actually a 2-person sit-on-top kayak) with twin pedal MirageDrives and inflatable lumbar supports.

The boomless, 2-piece carbon-fiber mast features a roller-furling mechanism for the mainsail, which can be easily managed from the cockpit via a single line. The amas, or pontoons, fold upwards for ease of transport and docking, while the twist-and-stow rudder is easy to install and remove. Other features include 2 rod holders, a retractable kick-up centerboard, lines and hardware, sail cover, a rear cargo compartment, a covered bow hatch, 4 drink holders and 2 paddles that store along the amas supports.


  • LOA: 18’ 6”
  • Width (amas deployed) : 10’
  • Width (amas folded) : 4’
  • Mast height: 18’
  • Sail area: 90 sq. ft.
  • Rigged weight: 190 lbs.
  • Capacity: 600 lbs.
  • Price: $5,000


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Two new Hobie Mirage Tandem Islands sailing. A new product for 2010 that builds on the success of the single person Hobie Mirage Adventure Island, now enjoy this dynamic crossover kayak/sailboat product in a tandem configuration.


Taking our 2 brand new Hobie Tandem Islands out in 20+ mph winds that gave us speeds from 8 to 12mph. One with Tramps and one with out. The Trampolines did not appear to negatively affect the performance. The sails were fully unfurled.