How Fresh is Your Fish? New Website Will Tell

A quick search on a Boston zip found this flounder available at two local spots.

Ever wonder how fresh the fish you just ordered is? Well, a new website called Trace and Trust may be able to tell you. Trace and Trust It is a network of fishermen, seafood distributors, processors and restaurants committed to telling customers exactly who caught their seafood, as well as when, where and how it was caught.

Simply enter your zipcode on the homepage and the site will show you restaurants in your area that participate in the program, as well as the fish they are currently serving, where the fish was caught and even some background on the fisherman who caught it.

A recent check of the site didn’t turn up very many participating restaurants in the New England region, but we’re told that more are signing up every week. Consumers are urged to request their local restaurants to participate in the program.

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