How Not to Launch a Boat: Tip No. 2

Photo by ## Tom Richardson##

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As part of our ongoing campaign to quash poor rampsmanship and improve the quality of life for trailerboaters throughout New England and the world, we offer the following staged photo depicting at least 2 violations.

For starters, the offending boater (actually my friend Jonathan Craig, who really does know how to launch a boat properly) has parked his rig in the middle of double-lane ramp, effectively blocking both ramps while he prepares to launch. Not cool.

Even less cool is using the ramp as a loading station, forcing others to wait while gear is loaded aboard and stowed. Always load your gear while the rig is parked in the staging area, and make sure everything is set for launching before pulling onto the ramp. The same applies when hauling out: Don’t park on the ramp to unload coolers, fishing rods, rafts and so forth at the end of the day.

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