Interactive Map Shows Lake Winnie Boating Accidents

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The U.S. Recreational Boat Accident Database includes data on recreational boating accidents that resulted in death or injury requiring more than first aid, and accidents in which there was vessel loss or damage of more than $2,000.

Based on 2013 and 2014 data for Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire’s biggest body of water, New Hampshire National Public Radio put together an interactive map showing the location of each accident, and also discovered the following:


  • Boaters are most like to have an accident at the end of the weekend. One-third of the 49 accidents reported in 2013-2014 happened on Sundays.
  • The causes most commonly cited in reported accidents are “improper lookout” (15 mentions), “operator inattention” (11 mentions), “navigation rules violation” (10 mentions), and “operator inexperience” (6 mentions).
  • Most reported accidents are clustered along Lake Winnipesaukee’s shoreline, in channels between islands, and in the lake’s inlets.
  • Thirty-three of the 49 reported accidents happened on “calm” waters. NHNPR surmises that this could be because there are more boaters on the lake when it’s calm.

CLICK HERE to link to the interactive map showing Lake Winnipesaukee boating accident data for 2013-14.