Kayakers Rescued in Ipswich, MA

On Sunday, April 5, 2020, two individuals kayaking on the Ipswich River overturned their vessels. The kayakers were not wearing lifejackets, nor were any personal floatation devices aboard.

The water levels are high and the current was fast; fortunately, the individuals were able to grab onto floating debris to avoid drowning. Both kayakers suffered hypothermia and a local police officer was seriously injured during the rescue effort.

The leading cause of death in boating accidents is drowning and in nearly 85% of drowning cases the victim was not wearing a lifejacket. The Massachusetts Environmental Police remind paddle-craft users that all persons onboard are required to wear a personal floatation device from September 15 through May 15. Furthermore, all vessels must have age and size appropriate PFDs readily accessible for all persons aboard year-round.