Long Island Sound Lighthouses: Latimer Reef Light

Latimer Reef Light. Photo Caryn B. Davis

Boaters love lighthouses, for obvious reasons. Our affinity for the iconic beacons goes well beyond their original role as critical aids to navigation. There’s romance in these sturdy structures, which range from squat, conical towers to ornate fortresses resembling Victorian mansions. In this series, we’ll look at some of the more notable lighthouse scattered throughout Long Island Sound.


Latimer Reef Light


MATERIAL: iron, brick

HISTORY: An iron “spark plug” light located about a mile north of the eastern point of Fishers Island, Latimer Reef Light was originally outfitted with a fifth-order Fresnel lens.

LIGHT LORE: The light and the reef it marks are named for a patriot spy named James Latemore, who was captured on the location and subsequently hanged there.


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