Long Island Sound Lighthouses: Morgan Point Light

Boaters love lighthouses, for obvious reasons. Our affinity for the iconic beacons goes well beyond their original role as critical aids to navigation. There’s romance in these sturdy structures, which range from squat, conical towers to ornate fortresses resembling Victorian mansions. In this series, we’ll look at some of the more notable lighthouse scattered throughout Long Island Sound.


Morgan Point Light


MATERIAL: granite

HISTORY: This light in Noank,CT, was built to guide mariners into the Mystic River. Land for the light station was purchased from shipbuilder Roswell Avery Morgan, a descendant of an early settler of the area. The light resembles similar structures on Sheffield Island and Block Island.

LIGHT LORE: Among Morgan Point’s first keepers was Eliza Daboll, a widow and mother of six, who reportedly kept the 25-foot granite tower and its stone house “in great neatness.” Her daughter was known to sing loudly during storms to keep her courage up.

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