Long Island Sound Lighthouses: Race Rock Light

Race Rock Light. Photo Caryn B. Davis

Boaters love lighthouses, for obvious reasons. Our affinity for the iconic beacons goes well beyond their original role as critical aids to navigation. There’s romance in these sturdy structures, which range from squat, conical towers to ornate fortresses resembling Victorian mansions. In this series, we’ll look at some of the more notable lighthouse scattered throughout Long Island Sound.


Race Rock Light


MATERIAL: granite

HISTORY: Built on a reef where currents can run up to five knots and conflicting seas are the norm, Race Rock’s foundation alone took seven years to build and required the

transport of 10,000 tons of granite. The light was built by Captain T.A. Scott, who also constructed New London Ledge Light.

LIGHT LORE: Race Rock Light is thought to be haunted, and was featured in an episode of “Ghost Hunters.”



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