Lubber’s Log Details Cruising Up and Downs

When William Gills and his wife Candace decided to trade up to a larger boat so they could venture farther afield from their Connecticut homeport of Mystic, they got more adventure than they bargained for.

The couple had previously run and fished from smaller runabouts and skiffs, but now found themselves at the helm of a cabin cruiser with dreams of extended stays in places like Block Island, Nantucket and Long Island. They got there, eventually, but the run was not a smooth one, as the reader will learn in the couple’s detailed account of their forays into the cruising life.

Taken from the couple’s journal entries, this boating primer and adventure story covers the good, the bad and the ugly of running a larger boat. Lubber’s Log contains valuable information for new mariners and plenty of “been-there, done-that” anecdotes for those who have traveled the same course and lived to tell the tale.

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