Maine Extends Boat Registration Period

Maine has announced that it has extended its boat registration renewal period.

Boaters may operate without a current 2020 registration and milfoil sticker until April 30, 2020.

The Department of Fisheries and Wildlife is is providing more time and some additional methods for boaters to apply for a new boat registration or renew an expired one. The easiest way to renew a boat registration is online at, but not all towns have signed up with the state’s internet vendor, InforME, to do registrations. Here are a few suggestions for registering a boat for the 2020 season:

  • First time boat registrations cannot be completed online, they must be done at the town office so the town can collect sales, and excise tax. Registrants should call their town office to see if they are open, and possibly register their boat with the town office through the postal system.
  • If you cannot register your boat online or at the town office, MDIFW will work with you to register your boat.
  • If you just purchased a new boat from a dealer, you should have a temporary registration that is good for 20 days.