Maine Fishermen Reaping Lobster Bounty

Maine lobsters—they just keep a’ coming. And no one can quite point to the reason why the lobster fishery over the last 2 decades has brought an unexplained bounty to the Maine coast.

For the 40 years between 1950 and 1990, commercial lobster landings in the state hovered between 16 and 24 million pounds, according to the Maine Department of Marine Resources. Over the same time period, the amount of money paid directly to lobstermen for their product steadily increased from $6 million in 1950 to $60 million in 1990.

Then, the pattern changed as Maine lobster landings skyrocketed, surpassing 40 million pounds by 1997, 60 million pounds by 2002, and a record-setting 90 million pounds in 2010. This dramatic increase may be related in part to increased effort—more people fishing more traps—but is more likely due to a boom in the number of lobsters crawling around on the ocean floor.

But why?

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