Maine Man Builds Model Lobster Boats

Maine Man Builds Model Lobster Boats
Photo: Walpole Model Boatworks

Lincoln County News: Brent Benner, of Walpole, Maine, builds fiberglass hulls for radio-controlled model boats at Walpole Model Boatworks in his grandfather Chester Rice’s garage. When the Olde Bristol Days Committee was looking for volunteers, Benner stepped forward and started and sponsored the first annual Jerry Farrin Model Lobster Boat Races at Olde Bristol Days.

“I found a few guys that were interested,” Benner said. The first annual race drew 30 boats, owned by 5 different people. A sizable and energetic crowd watched the races held in New Harbor. Racers came from as far away as Canada and New York. “I did not have enough time to get it really organized this year,” Benner said.

He named the boat race after Jerry Farrin, the longtime organizer of the Merritt Brackett Lobster Boat Races. “He liked things really fast, so I thought that it would be perfect,” Benner said. Jerry’s son Gary Farrin and his grandson Zachary Farrin worked the radar gun for the speed races.

Read more about the model lobster boats made by Brent Benner of Maine.

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