Malfunctioning New Bedford Foghorn Silenced

SAT view of New Bedford Hurricane Barrier. reported that a malfunctioning foghorn on the Ned Bedford Harbor Hurricane Barrier was turned off over Thanksgiving weekend to give residents local residents some relief from the incessant noise. Here’s an excerpt:

“A foghorn’s trademark bellow has finally fallen silent over New Bedford Harbor.

For almost a week, Fairhaven and New Bedford residents had to cope with the malfunctioning foghorn, located on the hurricane barrier, which continuously sounded its false alarm.

‘It was keeping people up at night,’ said Kristin Decas, executive director of the New Bedford Harbor Development Commission. Decas said she received several phone calls from irritated people on the waterfront.”

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SouthCoast Today

Were you able to hear the foghorn during Thanksgiving?

If so tell us the real story below. How loud was it?