Man Seeks Bigger Market for Invasive Green Crabs


The Gloucester Times reports that Spencer Montgomery, a seafood buyer for Woburn, MA-based food vendor Dole & Bailey, wants to expand the market for the invasive (and environmentally harmful) green crab. Montgomery would like restaurants and large-scale institutional food purveyors to start using green crabs in recipes and for the consuming public to start eating them.

The crabs are cheap, but the drawback is the their diminutive size, which makes shucking them labor-intensive. The few restaurants that currently buy them use green crabs to make crab stock for dishes such as crab risotto and crab gumbo.

Flank, an American steak house in Waltham, MA, currently uses green crabs to make a flavorful bisque that costs much less to make than if the restaurant were to use other crab species.

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