Marblehead Football Players Launch Lifejacket Donation Program

Senior Marblehead High football captains Liam Gilliland, Josh Freedland, Matt Perlow and Ben Koopman have launched a campaign to collect donated lifejackets and distribute them via the Lynn Boys and Girls Club. Their efforts were prompted by the death of Salim Fort, a Classical High football player who drowned while swimming in a reservoir this summer. The boys hope that increasing the availability of lifejackets will prevent future tragedies.

Gilliland, who was interviewed for an article in the Lynn Daily Item, was quoted as saying: “You read about [drownings] in the paper and it doesn’t really hit home. Then you go to the funeral. You realize you’re not invincible. That anything can happen to anyone. It doesn’t matter how many swimming lessons you’ve had or whether you’re on the swim team. It was an accident.”

Lifejackets can be dropped off at the Marblehead police station on 11 Gerry St. or the Marblehead fire department at 1 Ocean Ave.

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