Mariners Told to Watch for Drifting Sandbags

Sandbags provided by ## ## ##

According to an article in the Nantucket Inquirer and Mirror, mariners around Nantucket, Massachusetts, are being urged to watch out for a large number of geotextile sandbags used in erosion control.

The erosion-control bags, which are believed to have broken loose from a coastal property on the south shore of Nantucket following the passage of Earl, pose a serious risk to marine safety should they become tangled in a vessel’s propeller. The Coast Guard is taking the risk very seriously, and is currently searching for the bags with a boat and plane.

So far, 6 bags have been recovered or sighted on the beach, according to Coast Guard Senior Chief TJ Malvesti, but he was unsure how many more were floating around Nantucket. The bags are roughly 14 feet long and 14 feet wide.

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