Marshfield, MA, Receives Pumpout Grant

A pumpout boat like this one in Bourne, MA, may be in the future for Marshfield Harbor. Photo courtesy ## Alcar Boats##

Transient boaters visiting Marshfield, Massachusetts, will be glad to hear that harbormaster Mike DiMeo has received a grant to purchase a $75,000 pumpout boat (Marshfield Harbor is a no-discharge area).

The purchase of the $75,000 pumpout boat will need to be voted on at a town meeting. If approved, Marshfield would be reimbursed more than $59,000 under the federal Clean Vessel Act.

The grant will also reimburse the town for the cost of maintaining and operating the pumpout boat (including employee salaries). The service will be provided free to all boats visiting or moored in Marshfield.


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