Mass. Clammers Face Frostbite

Reporter Don Cuddy has an interesting article on CapeCodOnline in which he details the chilly work of commercial quahoggers in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

Here’s an excerpt:

CapeCodOnline: Fed up with endless ice and cold? Think you have a rough commute? Try talking to Fairhaven’s John Mills, who travels to work in a 16-foot boat without a cabin. The waters off the coast of Fairhaven are his workplace.

Mills, a commercial quahogger, likes to get up close and personal with his quarry. Wearing a wet suit and working alone, he regularly plunges into 35-degree water, in depths of 8 to 14 feet, to pry quahogs from the seabed with a screwdriver.

To read more:

Cape Cod Times

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