“Massachusetts” Runs Aground off Boston

Coast Guard, Good Samaritans, state and local agencies work to remove 168 passengers and six crewmembers from the passenger vessel Massachusetts off the coast of Deer Island, Mass. Coast Guard Photo

July 3, 2010: At approximately 10 a.m. the Coast Guard received a call from crew aboard the 87-foot passenger vessel “Massachusetts” that it had run aground on Devil’s Back, a well-known ledge located about 1.5 miles off Boston Harbor’s Deer Island and just outside the Boston South Channel at Buoy G “5”.

Chart location of grounding.

The boat was 30 minutes into a whale-watching trip, having left Rowe’s Wharf at 9: 30 a.m., when it struck the ledge at approximately 18 knots. The Coast Guard and numerous Good Samaritan boaters immediately responded to the scene and began unloading the 168 passengers and 6 crewmembers from the stricken vessel, which was taking on water and listing badly. Only minor injuries were reported. The passengers were unloaded at Pemberton Pier in Hull and given rides back to the Mass Bay Lines terminal. A Falcon jet crew and Jayhawk helicopter were also dispatched to the scene. The grounding occurred in calm, clear conditions with good visibility. A press conference by the Coast Guard was scheduled for later in the day.

Coast Guard Video Footage: