Mayday Call off Spruce Head, ME, Ruled a Hoax

The Coast Guard has determined that the distress call issued on Thursday morning, Dec. 3, reporting a fishing boat in trouble off Spruce Head was a hoax.

The Coast Guard search covered approximately 62 nautical square miles and involved numerous assets from several stations. No evidence of a boat in distress was found, nor were any vessels or crews reported overdue or missing.

“Today’s hoax is particularly offensive given the loss of four fishermen aboard the Emmy Rose just last week,” Capt. Brian LeFebvre, commanding officer of Coast Guard Sector Northern New England, wrote in a statement issued Thursday evening. “We will use all available resources to identify and hold the responsible individual accountable.

“Our Coast Guard rescue crews thrive on taking risks for the sake of helping others in distress on the water,” LeFebvre said. “Hoax distress calls – like the one we received this morning – unnecessarily put our rescue crews at risk, drain resources, and may limit our ability to respond to actual emergencies.”