Milfoil Beaten in Maine

The Kennebec Journal Online reports that the harmful, pervasive and invasive aquatic plant known as milfoil has been eliminated in Casco’s Pleasant Lake, according to Maine environmental officials.

Invasives Aquatic Map (March, 2010)

Andrew Fisk of the Department of Environmental Protection said that Pleasant Lake can now be removed from the state’s list of infested water bodies, which currently includes 33 lakes. Fisk said that the de-listing shows how committed volunteers supported by a state-run effort can prevail over invasive aquatic species.

The Pleasant Lake-Parker Pond Association undertook a multiyear, methodical program of hand-pulling plants and laying barriers along the pond bottom to destroy the milfoil, which had plagued the lake since 2001. Milfoil grows rapidly in freshwater, and can quickly take over large areas of a pond or lake, choking out native vegetation and creating a harmful monoculture.

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