Minor Fuel Spill in Onset, Massachusetts

Members of the Onset Fire Department placed an absorbent boom in the water at Onset Bay Marina. Photo by Jaime Rebhan; Wareham Week.

Onset Firefighter Jeff Dias adds an absorbent boom to the water to absorb the fuel leakage. Photo by Jaime Rebhan; Wareham Week.

Wareham Week recently reported on a minor diesel fuel spill at Onset Bay Marina on Sept. 9. The minor leak occurred when someone was pumping gas, and was initially contained in the sump of an underground fuel tank, according to Onset Fire Chief Howard Andersen. However, high tide caused seawater to enter the containment area, moving the fuel into the bay. Crews contained the leakage to a small area around the docks at Onset Bay Marina with 240 feet of absorbent “sausage” boom.

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