Mooring Controversy in Newbury, MA

The wait for moorings east of the Route 1A bridge is five to 20 years, according to the Newbury website.

Newburyport Times: The Massachusetts state inspector general’s office has issued a report harshly critical of the Newbury Board of Selectmen and the way commercial activity on the Parker River is being managed.

The report questioned the conduct of Board of Selectmen Chairman Joseph Story for what it said appears to be conflict of interest relating to his financial operations on the waterfront. Story owns property that abuts the river, and the report said that he should not be voting on matters that affect that sector of town.

The 98-page document, titled “Assignment of Moorings to Private Business in Newbury, MA,” was undertaken last March following a complaint raised about the fairness of the town’s assignment of multiple moorings to private businesses on the river. The individual who filed the complaint was not identified.

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Additional Information from public records on the Newbury Harbormaster Website:

Wait List for Town Moorings East of the 1A Bridge

Wait List for Town Moorings West of the 1A Bridge

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