Naming of Pumpout Boat Draws Laughter

The Harbor Commission in the town of Salisbury, Massachusetts, recently got a new pumpout boat—and a few laughs when it came time to naming the vessel, according to the Newburyport Times.

The Harbor Commission asked area boat owners to suggest names for the vessel, and got more than they bargained for. So many names flooded in that the commission is having a hard time choosing.

“We got a lot of good names,” Harbormaster Ray Pike said. “There are so many good names, it’s hard to make a choice.”

When the list was made public at the last Salisbury selectmen’s meeting, laughter filled the room. Some of the suggestions included Headhunter, Potty Mouth, Poop Sloop, Discharge Barge, Floater, Poo Loo, Muck Sucker, Dung Dingy, Captain’s Log, Siphonette, Flapper, Mudhen, Winnie the Poo, Poo Pourrie, Gobbledygook and Doody Call.

The commission is still accepting name suggestions, and plans to vote on the issue at its meeting on the first Thursday in October.

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