Narragansett Bay Receives Great Waters Designation

Jamestown, Rhode Island on Narragansett Bay. Photo by ## Cory Silken##

Narragansett Bay has been named one of America’s Great Waters by the America’s Great Waters Coalition, in recognition of the Bay’s ecological, economic and cultural importance to the region. The announcement by the AGWC adds Narragansett Bay and its connected rivers and coastal waters to 10 original “Great Waters” established in 2010.

Narragansett Bay Chart

Other Great Waters include the Gulf of Maine, Lake Champlain and Long Island Sound. The designation is part of a nationwide effort to build support for the country’s most valuable and threatened waterways through regional ecosystem-based environmental management, coordination, and collaboration across state lines and traditional boundaries.

America's Great Waters

Narragansett Bay and the coastal waters of Southern New England now bridge a gap between Long Island Sound and the Gulf of Maine, which already have Great Waters Designation.

The Great Waters Coalition is a coalition of several environmental and conservation groups, and is spearheaded by the National Wildlife Federation. The organization seeks to educate the public and decision-makers on the importance of water resources, which it feels is a national priority for the security of the nation’s economy and way of life.

The Coalition has 3 main goals:

  1. Making the restoration of our Great Waters a national priority.
  2. Securing sustainable dedicated funding for restoration.
  3. Enacting and ensuring sound implementation of restoration.

To learn more and to view a complete list of America’s Great Waters:

Great Waters Coalition



The launch of America’s Great Waters Coalition featured senators and representatives from across the country. (Dec 17, 2009)