Nauset Marine’s Custom Touch

The Nauset 36 is based on a proven Royal Lowell Downeast hull.

For over 50 years, Nauset Marine on Cape Cod has worked closely with customers to deliver the boats and services that best fit their needs.

As spring arrives on the New England coast, the staff at Nauset Marine will begin the annual process of uncovering boats, installing docks and generally preparing for another busy season of boating on Cape Cod. It’s a ritual that the Orleans-based company has participated in for the past 53 years. Over that time, its customers—including several families that have been with Nauset since 1961—have come to rely on the company’s ability to deliver a broad range of products and services, from marine parts and supplies to boat sales, repairs and rigging of all sorts, not to mention construction of a line of powerboats built on able hulls with proven Downeast pedigrees.

Nauset is also one of the world’s largest independent Boston Whaler dealers, and the second company to begin selling the then-radical, unsinkable boats when they debuted in the early 1960s. Since then, they have also taken on the traditional line of Eastern and Seaway boats, as well as the more “modern” Hurricane Deck Boats.

Homegrown Quality

This pilothouse version of the Nauset 25 was launched in fall 2012.

The boats that bear Nauset’s own name, however, are all based on designs that have passed the test of time along New England’s “stern and rockbound coast.” If they look slightly familiar, there’s a reason. The company has, over the past 20 years, acquired the molds for several well-known designs, including those by Bruno & Stillman, Royal Lowell, and Cape Dory.

Nauset custom-builds many components for its boats, such as the pilothouse shown here.

The Nauset 38 is a shortened version of the legendary Bruno & Stillman 42, originally designed by the equally legendary Royal Lowell. The Nauset 36 is a modified version of the Royal Lowell-designed Bruno & Stillman 35, stretched a foot by previous design owner Harris Cuttyhunk Boats. The Nauset 33 is a Clive Dent design previously known as the Cape Dory 33, while the Nauset 28 was designed by Royal Lowell for Harris Cuttyhunk.

A deck mold is prepared for layup.

Nauset builds all of its boats on a semi-custom basis, listening carefully to the needs of the customer before bringing all of the company’s design, lamination, rigging, mechanical and electronics, woodworking, canvas, and upholstery skills and experience to bear. The four largest models are full-keel, “built-down,” semi-planing hulls with gas or diesel inboard power that are designed to cruise comfortably and efficiently at speeds in the upper teens. Although the layup schedule, stringer design, and bulkhead material all depend on the customer’s needs and resources, most Nauset hulls are thick, solid fiberglass, laminated of modern knitted fabrics, with vinylester skin coats and stringer grids designed for good balance around the customer’s desired layout. All horizontal surfaces, including decks and washboards, are carefully cored with balsa, as are the cabins.

The Nauset 25 is the one exception to the line’s Downeast heritage. It’s a hard-chine hull from Florida, but one that has proven its mettle. Check the “Just Launched” section of the Nauset website and you’ll find photos of the Lezlie Ann, a pilothouse version of the 25 powered with Yanmar’s quick, clean, electronic 6BY2-260 diesel. Nauset built her for a customer in Bermuda who will use the boat as a commuter in Hamilton Harbor and as a weekend cruiser.

Custom Construction

Finish work on Nauset boats takes place at the company's facility on Cape Cod.

Nauset’s website shows multiple layouts for its boats, including center consoles for hard-core fishing, classy express cruisers, an aft-cabin version of the 33, and a 36 long-range cruiser. The photos also show off Nauset’s considerable custom-rigging expertise.

The company’s aluminum and stainless fabrication division builds all kinds of aftermarket equipment, including rails, arches, T-tops, and towers. They also expanded into fabricating ramps, gangways, staircases, safety railings, and handrails for some of the private homes near its Orleans shop. Ten years ago, the yard buried an old 51’ sailboat mold beside a customer’s house and finished it off as a swimming pool. The homeowner and his family love their pool, and the local pilots use it as a landmark when approaching the airport. Clearly, Nauset Marine can and will do almost anything a customer asks for!

Through the past half-century and into the new one, Nauset Marine has blended that “can do” attitude, skill, and, yes, sense of humor into a formula for quality and success that also characterizes the company’s approach to boat construction. No wonder most Nauset customers are long-termers.

For more information on Nauset Marine call (508) 255-0777 or go to their website by CLICKING HERE.

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