Nautical Talk Radio to Celebrate 1000th Show

Capt. Lou Gainor at the help of Nautical Talk Radio.

Nautical Talk Radio, the popular boating talk show hosted by Capt. Lou Gainor, will air its 1000th program on radio station 95.9 FM WATD from 11:00 a.m. to noon on Sunday, July 3.

For nearly 20 years, listeners have tuned in to Nautical Talk to learn about events in and on the ocean, both in the New England region and around the world. Topics of discussion include environmental issues, sea stories, fish tales, Coast Guard activities, maritime history, the boating lifestyle, and local waterfront events. Celebrity guests who have participated on the program include Billy Joel, Florence Henderson, Paul Sorvino, and Capt. Syg Hansen of TV’s “Deadliest Catch.” Also heard on the program are legislators and commercial fishermen.

“Nautical Talk has been a lot of fun over the years,” said Gainor. “I just never knew that what happened on the water could be so controversial until I started doing the show.”

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Video: An Interview with Capt. Lou Gainor


(November, 2010) New England Boating visited the studios of WATD-FM in Massachusetts to chat with Capt. Lou Gainor of Nautical Talk Radio, which airs each Sunday morning at 11:00.

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