New Alerion 33 Express Features Electric Drive

Alerion 33 Express

Pearson Composites of Warren, Rhode Island, has introduced a new version of its popular Alerion Express 33 featuring a Mastervolt lithium-ion electric Saildrive that delivers clean, whisper-quiet auxiliary propulsion.

Install of the Mastervolt lithium-ion batteries that power the Alerion 33's Saildrive.

Another bonus of the electric drive is the lack of any through-hulls for cooling water or exhaust. The batteries will power the 33 for 15 to 20 miles, depending on load, wind and sea conditions, and recharge via propeller regeneration or shore power. Extra battery banks can be added to increase range, if desired. In terms of weight, the electric system is 50 pounds heavier than the standard diesel and a half tank of fuel.


  • Length:  33’
  • Beam:  26’ 4”
  • Draft:  5’
  • Displacement:  8500 lbs.
  • Sail area:  609 SF



View the installation of the lithium ion-powered electric propulsion on an AE33. This is the first Mastervolt system of its kind to be used in the U.S. Courtesy Scator72’s YouTube Channel