New Book Details Maine Shipwrecks

"Great Shipwrecks of the Maine Coast" documents more than 35 maritime disasters. Background photo: Schooners in Linekin Bay prior to a past Windjammer Days Festival. Photo by ## Joe Devenney##

Although Earl gave the Northeast a pass, it reminded us of the other big storms that New England boaters have endured over the years, especially in the days prior to accurate weather forecasting. You can read about them and their devastating affects on mariners and Maine maritime communities in Jeremy D’Entremont’s “Great Shipwrecks of the Maine Coast”, which documents over 35 groundings and sinkings off the rugged and sometimes treacherous coast of Maine from 1635 through the mid-1900s.

Many of the vessels in this book were the victims of violent storms, but others were done in by more mysterious causes, as in the case of the luxury cabin cruiser “Don”, which disappeared in thick fog somewhere in Casco Bay in 1941. Also described is the sinking of the “U.S.S. Eagle 56”, which was sunk by a German U-boat in 1945, just a month before World War II ended. At 118 pages (softcover), “Great Shipwrecks” makes for a short but fascinating read, and is illustrated by black-and-white photographs and engravings.

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