New Cobra Jumpstarter/Charger/Compressors Can Save Your Boating Day

Cobra's line of jumpstarters/compressors will start an engine, pump a tire or charge portable electronics.

Cobra Electronics has unveiled a new line of portable jumpstarter/compressor/powerpacks that could just save the day for boaters with a dead battery or deflated tire. The units also serve as a convenient or emergency power source for running appliances or charging portable electronic devices such as cell phones, MP3 players and laptops.

All 4 models in the line are equipped with heavy-duty jumper cables and clamps, a 12V DC outlet and a 5V USB port. They also feature a 260 PSI air compressor for inflating tires and water toys, plus a bright LED lamp for illumination at night. A reverse-polarity indicator assures the operator of a proper connection to the internal lead-acid (no maintenance) battery, while a handy LED meter indicates the battery’s charge level and capacity. The top-of-the-line CJIC 350 ($140) provides 900 peak amps of power, including 400W AC. Other models include the CJIC 250 ($100; 500 peak amps; 100W AC), the CJI 150 ($90; 500 peak amps; 100W AC), and the CJS 50 ($70; 500 peak amps).