New Dredge Disposal Site Designated off Isles of Shoals

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has designated a new Ocean Dredged Material Disposal Site at a location approximately 10.8 nautical miles east of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The “Isles of Shoals North Disposal Site” will serve as a long-term disposal site for dredged material from Maine, New Hampshire, and northern Massachusetts, including the much-needed $4 million dredging project slated for Rye Harbor.

“This disposal site will be critical to our ability to maintain our federal navigation projects to help ensure the safety of the maritime public,” said EPA New England Regional Administrator Dennis Deziel.

“The ability to dispose of dredged material at the Isles of Shoals North is preferred over the alternate location, as it will help reduce costs and also ease stress on the fishing grounds,” said NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen.