Film Sheds Light on Commercial Fishermen

Picking The Pile, photo by Don Cuddy

The New Bedford Whaling Museum in New Bedford, Massachusetts, will be showing a new documentary film by Don Cuddy on the lives of New England commercial fishermen. In April 2010, Cuddy, a reporter with the New Bedford Standard-Times, traveled to Georges Bank aboard the New Bedford-based dragger “Sea Escape” to experience for himself the life of a modern commercial fisherman. From over 7 hours of video and interviews with the crew as they toiled day and night to bring home a catch, Cuddy has produced a compelling narrative that affords a rare glimpse of a job that few people have seen up close.

Although hugely important to the regional economy, the workings of the fishing industry remain largely unknown to the vast majority of people not connected in some way to the waterfront. Fishing vessels come and go, but where they go, what they do and how they do it is still a mystery to those on the land.

Screening Details:

  • Where: NB Whaling Museum
  • When: Saturday, November 6, 2:00 p.m.
  • Price: Admission is free