New Limits for Tautog, Seabass in Rhode Island

The Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management has extended the recreational season for black sea bass and modified the recreational possession limit for tautog.

The sea bass season has been extended to October 11, then closes on October 12, only to reopen on November 1 and run until December 31.

For tautog, a new 10-fish-per-boat possession limit for recreational fishermen has been established. The new limit is effective immediately, and applies through December 15. Also, the daily possession limit has been lowered from 8 fish per person to 6 fish per person, starting October 16 and running through December. The daily possession limit remains at 3 fish per person through October 15.

Anglers or spearfishers who fish or dive from shore are not subject to the new boat limit, but are subject to the revised possession limits.