Flambeau Waterproof Tackle & Storage Boxes

HD Family

Flambeau is expanding its line of waterproof tackle boxes with new Waterproof Satchels, HD Tuff Boxes and HD Cases, all designed to keep tackle, tools, gadgets and marine electronics safe, secure and rust-free thanks to the company’s exclusive Zerust protection. Zerust releases a harmless vapor that adheres to enclosed metals inside the cases, protecting stored items from moisture for up to 3 years. Refills are inexpensive and easy to replace.

602HD-OThe 4 Waterproof Satchels feature Zerust dividers to keep tackle corrosion-free, along with a transparent, o-ring-sealed lid with a recessed work area. Two “glide trays” rotate out for easy access to the customizable base storage area.

For large storage needs, 2 models are available with either 3000- or 4000-series waterproof Ultimate Tuff Tainers stowed below the base. Two smaller sizes with glide trays and base storage are also available. The small boxes without Tuff Tainers start at $48, while the medium boxes with Tuff Tainers top out at $96.

Also new is the HD Tuff Box (also with Zerust protection), which provides heavy-duty, waterproof protection for tools, valuables, personal electronics and anything else that needs to be stowed in a safe, dry place. The HD Tuff Box is constructed from shatterproof polycarbonate with a clear, o-ring-sealed lid. An internal rubberized bumper system reduces shock and muffles sound, while a pressure-release valve makes the box safe for air travel. It’s available in 5 sizes with a price range of $9-$17.

The medium HD Case is perfect for storage and transport of today’s sophisticated and delicate marine electronics and optics. Zerust protection keeps corrosion at bay, while thick, ribbed walls and a customizable foam cushion are ideal for protecting valuable navigation and fishfinding tools. The case can also be used to store firearms and flare kits.

The HD Cases are TSA-approved and lockable, with a pressure-release valve for air travel and a rugged carrying handle. Dimensions for the medium case are 14.75″ x 10.25″ x 6″. Price is $70.

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